Happy Telolet from Indonesia!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ“’πŸ“£

As Indonesian, im proud of having this telolet fun phrase, whenever i hear bus honk a telolet i can feel happy too, its a simple way to have fun haha! Not all bus have telolet though.. But that’s ok, I’ll keep chasing bus with telolet to give me that happy honk!

“Om telolet Om!! Happy new year all!!

Setelah pola dipotong,Β foto paper cutting kamu dan upload ke social media, juga cantumkan tagar #Cutteristic lalu tag/mention @Cutteristic untuk sekalian saya bantu berikan masukan mengenai hasil potongan supaya kamu bisa memotong dengan hasil yang lebih baik lagi.

Yuk ambil kertas dan cutter dan Berkarya!

Cutteristic is crafted perfectly with passion and dedication,

Dewi Kocu


This is free paper cutting pattern number 14, size 25×14.1 cm

Level of difficulty (1-10) : 4

Download PDF: 14 Cutteristic Paper Cutting Om Telolet Om

Right click and choose β€˜Save Link as’

Tips for step by step cutting:

  1. Start cutting from inside to outside
  2. Start cutting from smaller to bigger black area
  3. Paper cutting side that is going to be displayed is the clean side (not printed)
  4. Apply glue/double tape on green label to finish your work

Tips langkah-langkah memotong:

  1. Mulai potong dari bagian dalam baru keluar
  2. Mulai potong dari area hitam yang kecil-kecil, baru ke bagian yang besar
  3. Sisi paper cuttingΒ yang akan menjadi bagian depan adalah bagian yang bersih, bukan yang di print
  4. Selesaikan karya dengan menempelkan label hijau di belakang area label abu-abu

If you Β want to try a starter kit, click here

When you are done with your first Cutteristic, you may upload it in Instagram and tag @Cutteristic, I will post it in my account to encourage more people to make beautiful things out of basic items: paper and cutter

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